Vision Rescue International (VRI) is a 501c non-profit organization committed to providing new eyeglasses for vision impaired students in third world countries.


Our Mission

Vision Rescue International is a non-profit organization that has one mission: better vision for school children. For kids who have poor eyesight –and no corrective lenses, learning to read, write or use the computer is a near impossible task. Without these basic skills, their chance for success in life is severely limited.

Un día me llamaron de la escuela para decirme que mi hija no podía leer de lejos y por mi situación económica no podía ayudarla. (One day they called me from school to tell me that my daughter could not read from afar and because of my financial situation I could not help her.)
— Mrs. María Rosa Coroy

What We've Achieved

  • Vision Rescue International was established to provide vision screening and correction for impoverished students. The process takes only ten to fifteen minutes per person and requires no electricity, optical lab or interpreter. The VRI method makes it possible to provide new glasses to children who are located in remote areas.

  • Developed an extremely efficient methodology using round lenses and frames, which allows the prescribed axis of the lens to be rotated to correct astigmatism.

  • Completed a pilot project in the Sacatapequez school district, vision screening 818 children and 179 adults.