School children in Guatemala
VRI Managing Director Gordon Flattum talks to Tony Ventrella on Local Edition.


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Joan Bader, $800
Raymond F. Berry, $500
Joel and Jacqueline Belsvik, $1,300
C. Ronald Wright, $100

Equipment And Supplies
Vision Rescue International is fortunate in that a number of businesses have donated equipment and supplies as follows:

Carl Zeiss – 96,572 lenses

Diane L. Blair, LDO; Northend Optical, Tacoma, WA--two Lens grinders

Bruce R. Wallace, O.D.; Vision Express, Federal Way, WA--Lens grinder, lensometer, generator, and other optical equipment

Ms. Terri Harris; Encore Vision, Inc., Spokane, WA--5,676 reading glasses


A&A Optical, Carrollton, TX--24,580 frames

Eyeware by ROI, Phoenix, AZ--15,340 frames

These generous donations of equipment and supplies that have been transported to Guatemala will allow VRI to screen and prepare glasses for the 87,500 students, and the 6,000 teachers and administrative staff in the School District of Sacatepéquez.


In order to utilize the generous gift of frames from A&A Optical, VRI has built a lab to grind lenses and prepare glasses using those frames. The space for the lab and storage of equipment, frames, reading glasses, and lenses (shown above), is being generously provided by A.B. Looms, S.A., in La Antigua, Guatemala. This company is known worldwide for its textile creations (mainly rugs and tapestries), and is owned by Mitchell DenBurg, a noted photographer.